About us

Mr Richard Naidoo, the present owner of Clint’s Panel & Paint has more than 25 years work experience in the Motor Industry. Mr Naidoo is driving this company to become one of the leading Motor Body Repairers in the industry by implementing positive changes in the outlook of the company and the employment of experts in the field of Motor Body Repairers, together with continuous staff training. 



Our Mission 

To exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering a service which is dependent on pro-activity, development of the best expertise in the business.

Our principal philosophy is to create an equal opportunity environment allowing for active participation of black empowerment to build sustainability in the business.

Charter Statement

Our company’s policy is “Total Client Satisfaction’’.

The emphasis on quality of workmanship, professional value added services, competitive pricing & friendly surrounding is Clint’s Panel & Paint differentiating factor.

It is our aim to be the best in the Motor Industry World of Repairers. We are striving towards service excellence by offering the best quality workmanship for the best price. At present we are building a reputation for efficient provision.

As a medium sized company, we are more accommodating and offer a personalised service as compared to larger companies.’

We survive by being better faster, responsive, competitive and very reliable. Our primary mission at Clint’s Panel & Paint is to deliver quality service that will make a positive difference in the world of Motor body Repairers.

Clint’s Panel & Paint is proud to be 100 % BEE.

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